Photoshop Raw Workflow II
Mr. Greg Humphries
Lecturer in Digital Imaging
Scientific Photography
Applied Physics RMIT University

During part one of my presentation last year, I demonstrated how to use the built in Photoshop tools to view and process RAW files from your digital camera. In this presentation I will show you how to integrate a RAW workflow into your digital photography. Using Photoshop CS, the built-in Camera RAW plug-in, and a couple of free third party utilities you can effectively view, process, and manage hundreds of RAW files. This will help you spend more time doing the things that are important and less time fiddling with your digital images.

I will also present Adobe's new RAW format and how this new "Digital Negative" format will benefit you and what it means for the future of digital photography.

When: Tuesday 15 March 2005
Time: 6.30 pm refreshments 7pm Presentation
Where: RMIT City Campus Building 9 Ground Floor Radio Theatre