October 2005 General Meeting
Surviving in the digital age
Borge Andersen and his associates

The digital imaging revolution is making image capture and dissemination ever easier. Scientific/Industrial photographers are fighting competition from anyone with a digital camera. Now more than ever, professional imaging specialists have to differentiate themselves from the "point and shoot" brigade by using enhanced camera and lighting equipment and applying them creatively in their everyday work.

Borge Andersen and his associates (Melbourne's most experienced commercial imaging suppliers) will have imaging gear available that will help us produce better images. The Institute will be lead a discussion on techniques we can use to differentiate ourselves from the "crowd".

When: Wednesday 19 October
Time: 6.30 pm refreshments 7pm
Where: Borge Andersen and Associates 199 Rouse St, Port Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9646 2399