The Institute of Photographic Technology, Incorporated (IPT) was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1946. The Institute was a founding member of the Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Foundation.

The Institute exists for the encouragement, advancement and application of technical and scientific photography in science and the arts. The aim of the Institute is to provide a forum for professional networking through presentations, demonstrations, discussions and debate. To achieve these aims, four general meetings and special events are held each year.

The IPT has a diverse membership ranging from scientific/industrial, medical/biological/forensic, professional photographic artists and others who have an interest in photographic technologies.

All members have a common link with the aims of the Institute in embracing technology to enhance the science and art of photographic imaging.

We encourage participation and presentations from people with diverse interests. Meetings are open to members and guests. If you are interested, please feel free to attend one of our meetings.